Immigration reform and the global reflex

Samuel Rodriguez, president of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference, also serves on the Board of Directors of Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary, National Association of Evangelicals, and Christianity Today.

The call for immigration reform yesterday by evangelical leaders got coverage from all the big media outlets. The New York Times did an especially nice job highlighting the role of Hispanic evangelicals in helping to transform views on immigration. This is the sort of movement, I argue in Moral Minority, that will turn the evangelical left into a viable, even vibrant, sector of evangelicalism. Here’s a taste from the Times article:

Some of the nation’s most influential evangelical groups urged a solution to illegal immigration on Tuesday that defies the harsh rhetoric of the Republican primary race, which continues to undermine Mitt Romney’s appeal to Hispanic voters.

The call by the groups represents a recognition that in one bedrock element of the conservative movement — evangelical Christians — the demography of their followers is changing, becoming more Hispanic, and that Republican leaders risk being out of step with their hawkish talk of border fences and immigration crackdowns like those in Arizona. . . .

“This is the tipping point to finally convince Republican operatives that they must redeem the narrative on immigration reform in order to be a viable party in America’s political landscape in the 21st century,” said the Rev. Samuel Rodriguez, president of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference.

Mr. Rodriguez said he met last week with aides to Mr. Romney, the presumptive Republican nominee, to urge him to moderate his positions.

2 Replies to “Immigration reform and the global reflex”

  1. This is my take, both the far left and elements of the far right for example Grover Norqust want to legalized people. Business like the labor of immirgants since its cheaper and legalizing such people brings more people in. Both California and Texcas have some of the highest rates of poverty since adults do jobs that teenagers or people in their early 20’s did in the past. In Santa Ana Ca the free and reduce lunch program is near 90 percent. The relgious left like the wall Street Journal on the right doesn’t care about people competiting for low skilled jobs with immirgants legal or not, the US doesn’t need more immirgants in high umeployment. I may support some legalizing of young people but both political parties interested in the hispanic vote or the asian vote will not support any e-verify programs or much fines against companies that hire them. In fact people here illegality are heavily involved in idenity thief of usually other hispanic children born in the US. Also both parties support more tech vistas to prevent Americans from getting jobs in those fields as well. US has too much immirgation over a million a year with a 8.2 percent umeployment to be generous to low skilled workers and high skilled workers.

  2. Well, what I seen a lot of names from Chicago, the heavily hispanic parts of Texas and La and Orange County these areas have a lot more immirgants that came illegality compared to most parts of the US.

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