Evangelicals & Catholics Link Pro-Life Stance to Creation Care

This story in the Huffington Post on a “Joint Declaration on Life” is fascinating on many levels. First, it’s another attempt at the “consistent life ethic” that the evangelical left pursued in the 1980s. In this case, religious activists are linking abortion and environmental degradation. Signatories of the “Joint Declaration on Life” speak of creation care and respect for unborn life. Second, it’s a continuation of one of the most important trajectories of the 20th century: ecumenical activity between evangelicals and Catholics. This began on all points of the political spectrum in the late 1970s with the Moral Majority, Sojourners, and Evangelicals for Social Action.

Supporters of this Declaration include many names found in Moral Minority. They include Shane Claiborne, Wheaton Professor Jeffrey Greenburg, Joel Hunter, David Gushee, Ronald Sider, and Southern Baptist author and spokesman Jonathan Merritt. To see other signatories–or to sign it yourself–click here.

Will this gain traction? Or will it be victimized yet again by an electoral system that doesn’t allow for the evangelical left’s platform of idiosyncratic planks?

Here’s an excerpt:

So that together we may all choose well—and encourage others to do so—we urge understanding and the building of bonds between those who, in their own way and through their own calling by God, seek to champion and defend the great, glorious, and mysterious gift of life—human life, born and unborn, and life throughout all creation, here and now, and for the ages and generations to come, until the end of time.

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