On the decline of liberal religion


Ross Douthat, conservative columnist for the New York Times

In his July 14, 2012, column, “Can Liberal Religion Be Saved?” Ross Douthat mourns a lack of religious options. He indicts liberal religion for its relativism and secularism. He paints conservative religion as compromised by a heretical health-and-wealth theology. But this dichotomy betrays a lack of imagination. Obscured by the unrelenting culture wars, an evangelical left has sought for several decades now to pave a third way. Theologically conservative, but politically progressive evangelicals have allied with moderate Catholics around a “consistent life ethic.”  They have defied political orthodoxies in their attacks on abortion, capital punishment, poverty, nuclear proliferation, and spiritual malaise. In an era plagued by the dislocations of modernity and the relativism of postmodernity, mainliners and fundamentalists might do well to follow the lead of progressive evangelicals in emphasizing both social reform and personal conversion.

For similar thoughts by Rachel Held Evans, click here.

And here Diana Butler Bass points out that liberals are not the only ones losing adherents. Conservatives are too.

One Reply to “On the decline of liberal religion”

  1. Its too simplistic, you have different groups that are left or right. Some Catholics like Gringrich former protestant are on the right and never were into the prosperity gospel at least from the religous side. Also, there are a few theological liberals that are pretty politcally conservative John Mclaughlin comes to mind. Rush Limbaugh himself is not that religous while his brother is. There are atheistic conservatives like Heather McDonald that always disagree with National Review on religion

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