Make Hummus Not War

Could hummus be the recipe for peace in the Middle East? A voice in this documentary says yes: “When you eat together, you can’t betray each other.”

If you love hummus as much as I do, take a look at the trailer, look at the producer’s website, join their facebook page, and check out one of my favorite blogs The Hummus Blog: Eat Hummus, Give Chickpeas a Chance.


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    1. I live in Sydney. Trevor’s the name. I’ll let you know when the film comes online. I’m intrigued by Moral Minority. Great oppositional title!

  1. PRESS RELEASE 7th August 2012

    make Hummus not WAR

    A film and website about love, war, sex & politics with chickpeas

    Website launch

    Could a regional love of hummus be the recipe for peace in the Middle East? This was the question on Trevor Graham’s mind when he set out to direct Make Hummus Not War, a documentary feature film and website about the Middle Eastern conflict you don’t see on the nightly news.

    The website, was today launched in Melbourne.

    A quirky online site, jam packed with recipes, characters, Middle East history and an especially designed section for schools, the website features videos, stand up comedians, historic footage, hundreds of photographs – and as you would expect, numerous ‘how to’ segments on making the best, ‘to die for’hummus in the world.

    One of the oldest-known prepared foods in human history, hummus is claimed by multiple Middle Eastern nationalities. So when Graham, a self-described hummus tragic, learned of a 2008 Lebanese plan to sue Israel for acting as if it had proprietary rights over the dish, he was intrigued and hungry for more. With Israel, Lebanon and Palestine fighting once again – over who ‘owns’ the hummus heritage – he set off on a personal journey into a colourful culinary history.

    Make Hummus Not War is Graham’s humorous journey though the hummus bars and kitchens of, Beirut, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, and New York. Along the way he encounters the doyenne of Middle East cuisine Claudia Roden, zealots, Jewish settlers, biblical characters, political activists, chickpea farmers, novelists and Sheiks, for whom hummus is a near religious obsession.

    Acclaimed cookbook writers, Claudia Roden, Janna Gur from Israel and Palestinian, Christiane Dabdoub Nasser, have generously contributed recipes to the website.
    “Hummus and chickpeas are a symbol of our common humanity… I want this movie to say ‘We have more in common than divides us’.” – Trevor Graham
    Make Hummus Not War has its World Premiere at the Melbourne International Film Festival on Saturday August 11th.

    Trevor Graham says of the film & website:
    “Kitchens are more than just a place for preparing and consuming food. They are the heart of the home, and the restaurant, a place of nourishment, sharing and enjoyment for the body and soul. Kitchens, foods and flavours are embedded in our memories–the food we ate as children, the many tastes of adulthood, the tantalising prospect of recipes from a new cookbook, or eating at the latest restaurant.
    I visited many Middle East kitchens, to film Make Hummus Not War, and tasted countless variations of the basic hummus recipe. I was welcomed in all these kitchens, whether, Jewish, Muslim or Christian with warmth and hospitality.
    Make Hummus Not War is a call to action–an acknowledgement of our common humanity–our basic need to eat and enjoy life–a starting point for peace?”

    Produced by
    Yarra Bank Films Pty Ltd,
    Fine Cut Films Pty Ltd,
    Ned Lander Media Pty Ltd,
    Produced in association with
    Screen Australia

    Screen NSW

    Melbourne International Film Festival Premier Fund

    The Telematics Trust Course Development Fund

    Writer, Producer & Director TREVOR GRAHAM

    Producer NED LANDER

    Executive Producer ANDREW MYER

    Web Designer ROB WELLINGTON

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