Why Christians should be in the minority

Shawn Smucker

In the context of a toxic political climate to which many Christians contribute, writer Shawn Smucker pens a compelling post on why Christians do better when they’re in the minority.

While overseas with World Vision, I traveled around with a group of Sri Lankan Christians. They are working in a country that is 80% Buddhist, 19% Hindu and Muslim, and less than 1% Christian. These Christians have learned how to operate as a huge minority, and let me tell you, it was a beautiful thing to see. They were humble beyond measure, kind to everyone they met, and thoughtful in their interactions with the other religions.

They were not bullies – they couldn’t be. They were not boisterous or pushy – they didn’t have that kind of power. They simply dwelt quietly amongst the poorest of the poor, bringing water and food and dignity and hope to anyone whose path they crossed. Wherever they showed up, whether it be at a Hindu celebration or a Buddhist temple or a mud hut, they were greeted with smiles and bows and appreciation.

They were known, everywhere they went, by their love. People sought out their prayers. Children knelt, touching their feet, awaiting their hands of blessing.

I saw they way they worked, and I thought to myself, I want to be in the minority.

Read more here.

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