New York Times review

The first review is in–and it’s a big one! Click here for the New York Times review of Moral Minority. The reviewer, Molly Worthen, says that Moral Minority is “a vivid topography of a little-understood corner of evangelical thought” and “a careful work of scholarship” that “jogs our historical memory and challenges our imagination.” More critically, she writes that one of the book’s arguments “is provocative but overstated.” Overall, a good solid review that ends with a perceptive point: that the book can be read as a eulogy “for a political culture that might have been: a Republican Party that might have chosen to attract new voters by promoting progressive social policies rather than pandering to the resentment of Southerners and “white ethnics”; an evangelicalism more evenly split — as Catholic voters are — between the parties, and open to a wider range of solutions to our problems.”

Not too bad, considering this nasty NYT review from a couple of years ago! If you’re interested in a hard copy, it’ll appear in Sunday’s edition of the New York Times Book Review.

3 Replies to “New York Times review”

  1. Congrats – Great review – hopefully it will lead to some good exposure for you. Anyone working on post-war conservatism or the religious right really needs to be thinking about the other side, the spectrum of stances and bodies that made up the (religious) left. Sounds like *Moral Minority* offers an entry point to that side’s story. Just ordered a copy and look forward to reading it soon.

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