Politically homeless Christians

It’s becoming the most prominent theme on this blog: the stories of Christians who don’t fit electoral structures. Here are a few more:

“20 Reasons Why the Christian Right and the Christian Left Won’t Adopt Me”

Very rarely do we see leaders or movements today in the spirit of Joseph Cardinal Bernardine who advocated “the seamless garment,” protesting against abortion as well as the causes which produce poverty and unjust war. To Bernardine, to fight against abortion, war, poverty, and the death penalty was to be consistently pro-life.

“Why This Christian Voted for Obama but Is Not (Yet) a Democrat”

Democrats are the pro-choice party, and I am concerned about the many Democrats who believe there should be no restrictions on abortion.

My faith and ethics say that Christians should have a completely pro-life bias.  Human life is sacred and the taking of human life should only be under the most extreme conditions.  We may defend ourselves, our loved ones, and the innocent.  Military actions should be a last resort and only for just reasons.  The death penalty as currently imposed in America has killed too many innocent people and should be stopped.

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