John Perkins and the trajectory of the CCDA

John-PerkinsA major character in Moral Minority is John Perkins, founder of the Christian Community Development Association. This fascinating profile tracks changes within the CCDA, which now boasts 10,000 members and 1,000-plus organizations, over last couple of years. The author says there is a “new and systemic” approach. The new emphases include creation care, theology, Native American issues, and immigration. Here’s an excerpt:

Historically, CCDA members have sought justice and mercy within the scope of their own neighborhoods. But as they have listened to their neighbors, they find they are affected by social and economic policies far beyond their zip codes. For instance, Castellanos says, many members have found that “banks aren’t lending in the same way to [their neighborhoods] as they do in other communities.” Education and immigration are national issues that have real-time implications in neighborhoods with a CCDA presence. CCDA is coming to realize its own collective power to advocate on public policy issues that affect the neighborhoods where members live. “We weren’t looking for issues to get involved in,” says Castellanos. “We were simply looking at [the systemic challenges] facing our neighborhoods.”

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