Moral Minority hits the road


I’m enjoying doing a little speaking on my research. Last month I gave a faculty colloquium lecture at Bethel College in Indiana. I had a delightful trip and saw many old friends and colleagues. My wife Lisa graduated from Bethel, and of course, we both did graduate school at Notre Dame, which is only a ten minute drive from Bethel. It was great fun to see Tim Erdel, Dave Schmidt, John Haas, Joel Boehner, and many others from ND, Bethel, and our old church. A special thanks to Cris Mihut (of Hotel Possibilia fame) for his wonderful hospitality!

unionNext month I head to Union College in Barbourville, Ky. I’ll be giving the Willson-Gross Lectures on “The Evangelical Left: Oxymoron or Opportunity” over April 10 and 11. If you’re in the area, come say hello!

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