Evangelicals rediscover public schools

From the Washington Post:

At the annual Q conference this spring, Christian engagement with public schools was a big topic. Among the quick-hit presentations was a talk on a church-school partnership in Portland, Ore., that many churches around the country are viewing as an inspiration and a model. . .

There is a serious problem with the flight from public education. Evangelicals are realizing there are real human beings in those left-behind schools who are struggling to teach and learn against difficult odds, and the future well-being of those kids and our communities depends on their success. Shouldn’t Christians with hearts full of love and compassion be helping them?

Absolutely yes, argues Nicole Baker Fulgham. Formerly vice president at Teach for America, Fulgham is author of the new book “Educating All God’s Children” and heads an upstart nonprofit called The Expectations Project working to improve outcomes for students in our public education system. Fulgham and her work exemplify a new kind of evangelical engagement with public schools that is dedicated solely to helping kids rather than arguing over school prayer, evangelism, and other culture war flash points.

One Reply to “Evangelicals rediscover public schools”

  1. “Flight from public education?”? I wish there ever had been one.. then things might be different now re:faith commitments in millennial generation, public opinion on homosexuality, Roe vs Wade, school prayer, sex ed etc.

    Only 10-15% of all children in America are educated at home or in Christian school.
    Among evangelicals, still percentage is in the 20’s. Tim LaHaye and Connie Marshner, a center-right Catholic, said in the 80s when they decided to call for an exodus from public schools that they wanted to get 50% of Christian children in Christian education, so they could not only get a spiritual revival but vote for ultra-pro-family candidates in the next generation in which he envisioned the public schools becoming once more suitable for Christians to be “salt and light”.

    Instead, the pushers of explicit sex education, affective education, values clarification, moral relativism, homosexual agenda etc. have continued to attack children’s faith in the public schools even as some parents have succeeded in stopping parts of the agenda through running for school board. I don’t see how sending even more innocents into the secular humanist heart of darkness before they’re old enough to discern complexities will help.

    I am progressive on race, poverty and various other issues but this is one which makes me sick!

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