Evangelical scientists call for climate change action

Evangelical pressure to address climate change continues to heat up. Last week 200 evangelical scientists released a letter to Congress that called for reducing carbon emissions. Couching their call in terms of social justice and as a biblical imperative, these scientists come from some of the most prominent evangelical colleges in the nation. They include Wheaton College, Calvin College, Gordon College, Messiah College, Anderson University, Goshen College, Point Loma Nazarene, Bob Jones University (!), Lee University, a long list of Nazarene schools, Westmont, and Oral Roberts.

2 Replies to “Evangelical scientists call for climate change action”

  1. Very interesting to see evangelical Christians in the sciences speaking out on climate change. It is good to see at Sojourner’s webpage for this new effort quotes from some of the big names in science in evangelical circles.

    However, climate change is one of the most controversial issues going in American political, and religious, life right now. Add to that all the contrversies over the evolution of the cosmos and biological organisms on the earth, and a host of other issues, and one can easily think controversy is the only game in town..

    What effect do you think science controversy has played in the history you report in Moral Minority?

    1. Great question. Besides environmental issues, I found very little having to do with science. While the evangelical left would have had very little patience with Ken Ham and flood geology, it was not a topic they devoted much time to. Sider, Wallis, and company seemed much more interested in culture and politics. With the rise of climate change, this is changing somewhat. Progressives trust mainstream science; some of the climate-change-denying conservatives do not. But this was a development that rose well after the end of Moral Minority’s narrative around the late 1980s.

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