The Loss of Turtle Island

Dear friends,

We’re excited to launch the seventh year of Plowshares Peace Talks! For those of you new to the area, this is a gathering that focuses on issues of peace and justice. We’ve participated in prayer vigils, marched for racial justice, and held conversations on topics as varied as Congolese refugees, Christian participation in war, interpersonal communication, Old Testament violence, environmental sustainability, overcoming anxiety, peaceful business practices, and more.

The Loss of Turtle IslandOur first event this year—scheduled for Monday, September 16, at 7 p.m.—is a special participatory learning exercise called “The Loss of Turtle Island.” It depicts the historic relationship between European settlers and the First Nations—the original inhabitants of the land we now call the United States of America. Quilts will represent the land and participants will represent distinct indigenous nations who experienced colonization, genocide, broken treaties, forced removal, assimilation, and termination. Two Mennonite Central Committee – MCC staffers will be leading tomorrow’s exercise.As usual, our gathering will be held at the Weaver-Swartz home at 510 Talbott Dr. in Wilmore. Please come and bring a friend!



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