Vico Equense

We’ve made it to Vico Equense from Venice on a six-hour train ride via Rome and Naples.

We were only in the train station in Naples, but I think I agree with Detective Brunetti, the fictional Venetian police officer: “For a moment, he wished himself back in Naples, where he’d spent those awful years dealing with people who ignored the subtlety of words and responded to kicks and blows” (“Death at La Fenice”). We made it out of the station without any bruises–and more importantly, with our wallets.

The views of the ocean and Mt. Vesuvius are stunning here. We can see it all from the rooftop of our Airbnb.

Benjamin and David playing chess with a view

And here’s a time-lapse sunset from the rooftop with Vesuvius in the distance. Courtesy of Jonathan Weaver Swartz.


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