MSNBC interview

Yesterday I drove into the public television station KET in Lexington, got worked on by a makeup artist, sat in a green room that wasn’t green, sat down behind a desk on a futuristic set in a cavernous tv studio, had technicians string piles of wire up and down my shirt, and then waited . . . for a full 30 minutes until a producer suddenly said, “Here we go!” Then four cohosts of “The Cycle” started asking me questions as I stared into a big camera lens fifteen feet in front of me. They sure didn’t make it easy on me, asking questions about abortion and gay marriage. 🙂 But the conversation went pretty well, I thought, though much of the material wasn’t what I expected. At one point the audio went out on me, and I couldn’t hear what was happening in New York, and then at the end, the producer started yelling “Wrap, wrap!” into my earpiece to signal that I needed to stop right away. A lot of technicians and a lot of tense moments–all to produce three minutes of television!

2 Replies to “MSNBC interview”

  1. You can watch the interview here: It must have been rough with three people who probably had not read the book firing questions at you. But get used to it. From what I’ve heard from other authors, that’s pretty much par for the course. Also, get used to having the same questions asked again and again.

  2. Although the interviewers could have done a better job, at least the segment informed people like me about your book and the existence of the Evangelical Left. I find myself at that end of the continuum and have felt pretty lonely much of the time. At least at church. Keep up the good work.

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