God is still not a Republican or Democrat

As the election wraps up, two prominent characters in Moral Minority have issued a plea for civility and compassion in the Huffington Post. Echoing the old bumper sticker that reflects the politically homeless nature of the evangelical left, Jim Wallis and Wes Granberg-Michaelson insist that “God is still not a Republican or a Democrat.” While critics might argue that Wallis and Michaelson have thrown their lots with the Democrats (and I’d be very surprised if they haven’t), I’d still suggest that each feels a deep ambivalence about voting for a pro-choice president who continues to bomb with drones. Here’s an excerpt:

And because no candidate or party comes close to expressing all of our values, we need to respect the different choices that Christians make. For all of us believers, we pray that acts of citizenship may reflect, above all else, allegiance to a vision announcing that God’s love and justice continually seeks ways to break into this world.


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