Preparing to leave

It has been a whirlwind of a week as we prepare to leave. Just a sampling of what we’ve been up to in the last couple of days: Mowing lawns (David and Jon). Orthodontist appointments (Andrew and Jon). Last-minute repairs in the hopes of our old van making it to O’Hare (David). Track practices and turning in his jersey (Ben). Orchestra recital (Anna, Andrew, and Jon). Track practice and meet at Transylvania (Anna). Ultimate frisbee practices and end-of-year cookout. Youth group (Ben). Coffee and walks and disc golf with friends (everyone). Turning in grades (David and Lisa). Fielding grade complaints (David). Submitting an academic article (Lisa). Copyediting manuscript proofs (Lisa). Finishing a book proposal (David). Setting up an online course that begins on Monday as we land in Amsterdam (David). Department meetings and half a dozen other faculty meetings (Lisa and David). Downloading books to read along the way (everyone). Six final exams, essay, and social studies project (Andrew and Jon). Wrapping up fifth grade (Anna), eighth grade (Ben), and two ninth grades (Andrew and Jon). Securing passports, vaccination cards, and certificates of recovery (David). Packing (Lisa). Stopping the mail (Lisa). Eating every last scrap from the refrigerator (all of us).

Last day of school!

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